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By definition, only the research areas where the specificity of available techniques could "make a difference" are covered in this section.
6.1. Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology
6.2. Clinical Studies
6.3. Medical Informatics and Statistics

  • 6.1. Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology

    a. Animal models

    * tracheal intubation and mechanical ventilation of mice and rats;
    * acute MI induced in rats and mice by left coronary artery ligation;
    * acute ischemia and reperfusion in the anesthetized rat;
    * renovascular hypertension induced by abdominal aorta constriction or by two kidneys one clip procedure;
    * conscious rats with venous or arterial cannulas implanted to draw serial blood samples for neurohormone and drug assays;
    * implanted minipumps for long-term drug administration in conscious rats.

    b. Methods

    * arterial blood pressure measurement with tail cuff non-invasive method in conscious rats;
    * surface ECG;
    * left ventricular pressures measured with microtip transducers in anesthetized rats and mice;
    * histo-morphometric analysis of rodent cardiac tissue sections (fibrosis, cardiomyocytes cross sectional area, ventricular morphology, infarction area);
    * high performance liquid chromatographic assays for the measurement in biological samples of catecholamines and cardiovascular drugs (spectrophotometric, fluorimetric and electrochemical detectors are available);
    * histologic staining methods (e.g. tetrazolium, Sirius red, hematoxilin-eosin, toluidine blue);
    * radioimmunoassays (RIA) for endothelin, plasma renin activity, angiotensin II brain natriuretic peptide (BNP) and aldosterone;

    c. Data analysis

    * computer-assisted methods to analyze hemodynamic data (digitizing tablet, VIEW II Gould);
    * standard computer softwares (i.e. EasyFit, MKMODEL, SAAM) for pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic analyses;
    * histo-morphometric analysis with ad-hoc written softwares for image analyzer (IBAS).

  • 6.2. Clinical Studies

    * Clinical networks implementation and management
    * Planning, management, monitoring of large scale trials according to GCP/ICH rules
    * Quality control of instrumental examinations: (12 lead electrocardiograms, two-dimensional echocardiograms, 24-h Holter monitoring, exercise stress testing and coronary angiograms)
    * ECG quantitative analysis with graphic digitizer
    * Quality of Life techniques and questionnaires

  • 6.3. Medical Informatics and Statistics

    a. Methodologies - Informatics
    * Data base design methodology
    * Data base programming
    * Automatic randomisation processes (by telephone or computerized network)
    * Telematics

    b. Methodologies - Statistics
    * Survival analysis
    * Analyses of variance, linear regression models, meta-analysis

    c. Software
    * Operating systems: UNIX (HP-UX, Linux), VMS, MSDOS, WINDOWS, MacOS
    * Programming languages: SQL, C, VISUAL BASIC, PHP
    * Programmable database management systems: INGRES, FOXPRO, ACCESS, EPI INFO
    * Telecommunication: INTERNET, WWW, Internet Information Server, Apache
    * Computer programmes for statistical analysis: SAS, SPSS, S-PLUS

    d. Hardware
    * HP 9000/800 D320
    * DEC Microvax 4000
    * PCs MSDOS Compatible
    * Macintosh
    * Netserver LH PRO

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